Phase 1

Welcome to the recommended products page for the Phase 1 Phonics Toolbag!

All of the things below are either the exact same resource you will have seen on the training course, or else the nearest I can possibly find to product (if the original is either out of stock or handmade).

I have tried to keep the resources as cheap as possible. Please note, Early Impact takes a very small affiliate commission on any products bought through this page. This is to no extra charge to you, but helps to support our company.

This really, though, is not the main purpose of this page. The key motivator is to provide you a quick way of finding all the resources you need to teach inspirational phase 1 phonics!

Rhythm Sticks

These are a key buy! They are a once-in-a-lifetime purchase.

The ones I have used for many years are actually homemade. However, the best ones I have found on Amazon are these:

You can find them on Amazon here

How many you get depends on how many children you are going to use them with. If you are teaching a whole class of Reception, you may need 32 pairs (30 children, plus two adults – if you are lucky). If you are teaching in preschool, you probably won’t need quite that many.

Blending and Segmenting Toys

Using puppets and toys is definitely my favourite way of teaching blending. Also the teaching of segmenting can be enhanced by use of a robot toy. Here are some great buys:

Kung Fu Panda – You can find it on Amazon here

Grumpy Cat Toy – You can find it on Amazon here

Monkey Puppet – You can find it on Amazon here

Robot Toy – You can find it on Amazon here

Baby and Clothes – You can find them here


Medium sized bags. These are good for most small-sized games – You can find them here

Large bags. these are good for any big games (for example the bag of ‘p’ objects that I use for alliteration) – You can find them here

Rhyming Games

A real magic wand is a great investment that can used repeatedly for all sorts of adult-led teaching sessions. You can find one here – Harry Potter Wand

If you are looking for a magician’s box for use as a rhyming spell game, then this wicker box looks great for the job – Wicker magic box