Phases 2-4 Phonics Toolbag

What does it cover?


This course takes Letters And Sounds as it’s starting point, but then builds on this in a range of ways.

It addresses many key issues of teaching Phonics from Phase 2 to 4:

-How to target lower ability children

-How to motivate harder to reach learners

-How to cater for a range of learning styles

-How to teach phonics both adult led and then extend these skills in provision

-How to provide phonics play-based activities that are inspiring and motivating



What is its aim?


 This course empowers practitioners with a full armoury of strategies to teach phases 2-4 phonic skills in both adult-led contexts, and in continuous provision.

It also targets lower ability children and harder-to-reach learners, in making the experience of phonics as enjoyable and multi-sensory as possible.

It looks to add life and value to any current phase 2, 3 and 4 phonics practice in your setting.

Find out how to engage all children, and get them started on their phonic journeys in the most successful was possible.


What is its content?


The course is split into four sections…

Section 1 – We look at a range of multisensory ways to teach phonemes. Attendees try out a range of adult-led strategies, and then engage with some inspirational resources to teach this skill in continuous provision.

Section 2 – This is the biggie! This section addresses how to teach oral blending and segmenting. This is often the massive stumbling block for many children in phonics. We attempt a range of both adult-led games, strategies, and processes, as well as look at how this could be extended in provision.

Section 3 – Find out a range of engaging strategies to help children begin to read two and three letter words. Explore a range of beautiful resources that tap into their interests, and help practice this key skill.

Section 4 – In the final section we look at ‘tricky’ words. Explore a range of strategies that keep children’s interest, and turn this into a fun part of the day, not the drudgery of reciting flash-cards over and over.


Who delivers this course?


This session is led by Early Impact’s founder, Martin Williams. You can take a look at his full biography page here.


Prices For Inhouse Courses


All of our courses are available as inhouse training sessions, delivered in an identical way to the open training courses. Sessions normally last 2 hours, although they could be shortened or lengthened depending on your needs. Courses could be delivered to a very small number of staff, or for as many as you like. The courses work really well as twilights because they are fun, practical and hands-on, the perfect formula for practitioners that will have been working all day. We can deliver all courses as INSET days, school staff meetings, or nursery twilights.

Price for a 2 hour training session after school/twilight – £275 (+VAT)

Price for a 2 hour training session in morning or afternoon – £325 (+VAT)

Full day inhouse training session – £550 (+VAT)

This price includes up to 20 staff. After this there is an extra charge of £15 a head. 

There is a £50 charge for training courses that take place more than a 1 hour drive from the trainer’s residence. There is a £125 charge for training taking place more than a 2 hour drive from the trainer’s residence. These charges are just for travel and potential hotel costs.

To enquire about availability and book an inhouse training session, you can contact us in one of two ways:

1. Use the contact form that you can find by clicking the green ‘Book This Course Inhouse’ button above.

2. Alternatively, email with details of what you are looking for.