Here are some of our customers’ most commonly asked questions with their answers.

How do I book a course?

This simplest way is to go to Courses by Area

Then have a look at the nine regions we cover, and select where you live (e.g. Cheshire). You will then be taken to a next screen that shows the venues in your region (e.g. there are six in Cheshire). Click on your nearest location to be taken to the calendar of courses for that area. You can then press the ‘Book Courses’ tab to be taken to the online bookings system.

Do I need to pay for courses when booking them, or can I be sent an invoice?

The choice is yours! Either pay at checkout using our secure worldpay server, or select to receive an invoice. An invoice will be emailed to you automatically with details about how to pay. 

Do I have to take anything with me to a course?

No! No preparation is required. You will receive a handout, so no notes are required, although some people do like to take them which is absolutely fine too. 

How can I pay for a course?

If you wish you can use a debit or credit card when booking the courses at checkout using our secure worldpay server. If not, you will receive an automatic invoice, and you can pay by cheque or electronic bank transfer. 

Make cheques payable to ‘Early Impact Ltd’ and post to ‘Early Impact Ltd, 2a Sheen Road, Wallasey, Wirral, CH45 1HA

If paying by BACs what should the reference be?

Please use your invoice number.

Should I pay for a course before attending?

Yes. We ask that all courses are paid before attendance. 


Are your courses for inexperienced or more experienced staff?

Both! Our courses comprise original but very easily applied games, strategies and activities. Both experienced and less experienced staff have voiced the positive impact the courses have had on their practice.

Will I have to take notes?

 It is entirely up to you. You will receive a detailed handout that has a full breakdown of all activities, strategies and ideas that the course contains, plus references to external sources. Some people take notes, some don’t – it’s up to you. All of the courses are very practical, so you will be getting out of your chair, and trying out games, activities and strategies using real-life resources, so note-taking is not feasible throughout the entire course. 

Are your courses for teachers or for nursery staff?

Both! Most courses have a mixture or both school staff and private nursery staff, and the courses have equally valid content and structure for both. 

Do you have to work in a school or nursery to attend?

No! Parents and carers are equally welcome to attend and will learn a multitude of learning techniques that can be used just as effectively at home as in a learning environment such as a school or nursery.

How long can I book courses in advance?

We set course dates for a full academic year from September through to the following July, and you are able to book any of these courses at any point.

Do you ever cancel a course?

We do our absolute best to never cancel. We will happily go ahead with very few delegates, though of course we hope there are more! (And there almost always are) We believe that if practitioners enjoy and find great value in a course they will spread the word, and numbers in an area will grow. That is what we have found to happen so far. 

Is there any limit on the number of staff I can book onto a course?

No. There is only a limit on the number of attendees that can safely attend a course venue.

How can I find out more about the trainers?

Go to the ‘About’ section of our website where you will be able to read the biographies of our trainers.


Are your courses inline with current OFSTED guidelines?

They certainly are! What is more, we have an inhouse course consultant that has more than ten years OFSTED experience. She validates the content and format of our courses, and helps to create the best possible product for our customers. 

Do you provide any free information or resources?

Yes. We run a blog with regular posts on our sister website www.earlyimpactlearning.com

We also post on facebook, twitter, instagram and linked-in.

Do you run your courses as twilights?

Yes, all of our courses can be run as INSETs, or twilights. For more information go to Inhouse Training

Our courses work well as twilights as they are interactive, practical and fun, which is just what is required after a long day working. 

How do I book twilights?

Go to the Inhouse Training page and fill in the contact form.

What is the price of an open training course?


What is the price of a twilight session?


Do you run courses in the school holidays?

We try to run all of our open training sessions in term time so they are accessible to both teachers and nursery staff. However, we are available to run inhouse training during school holidays. 

Is there a discount for multiple bookings?

 Not normally. However, if you are making numerous bookings and think this would be fair, please contact us. We sometimes have discounts or competitions running for course places. Keep your eye out for these.

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