literacy & storytelling launchpad

At least 100 ideas to inspire a love of literacy and stories in young children


25 inspirational videos with at least 100 ideas


Use storytelling to promote skills across the whole curriculum


Motivate harder to reach learners


Provide a curriculum which develops a passion for reading


Multiple boy-friendly activities (that girls will like as well!)


Develop language, vocabulary, thinking, curiosity, and more...


Practical Content

A huge emphasis on hands-on advice, tips and strategies from an early years teacher of ten years’ experience. What to do in the real world, and how to do it.

2 Hours Of Video Footage

Split across 25 high-tempo videos, each with multiple ideas, tips and strategies including loose parts, puppets, DIY storytelling resources, and many more…


A Mix Of Old And New

A few early years classic activities revamped and modernised in a range of ways, and many brand new original strategies that you will never have seen


Inspire Progress Across The Curriculum

How to inspire storytelling across all provision and curriculum areas. Literacy leads to progress across the whole child. Find out how this works and how to do it.

Create Outstanding Progress On Any Budget

Create simple but exciting resources that will last a lifetime and cost almost nothing. Literacy and storytelling is either cheap or free, but has lifelong positive effects.


Maximise Your Limited Time

 Our system is optimised to use your time to the best advantage. Create an outstanding provision in a minimum number of steps, and create long-lasting impact with achievable actions.


For children to develop into confident readers and learners, normally two things are required – one is an ability to learn phonics. The other, arguably much more important quality, is a love and an interest in stories.

This is what comes first, and drives forward the later skills, as well as being a central part of learning across the whole curriculum.

This course provides a full practical framework to address many of the key questions about early literacy:

How do you get children engaged in books and stories?

How do you inspire harder to reach learners?

How can you integrate storytelling and literacy into child-led play?

How do you get children to become independent storytellers?

How can you use storytelling to develop skills across the whole curriculum?

How do you develop language and communication?

How can literacy make an impact across the WHOLE CHILD?

What resources do you require to implement early literacy successfully?

What are the key skills and benefits?

I have taken ten years of early years experience, and condensed it into 2 hours of content containing the best 100 storytelling and literacy ideas that I know to address all of these issues.

Who is it for?


Early Years Teachers (Reception, Preschool, Twos, Kindergarten)


Key Stage 1 Teachers (Kindergarten for non-UK)


Preschool Practitioners, Twos Practitioners


Support Staff (For Children Aged 2-6)


Parents Of Children Aged 2-6


Literacy Coordinators


Headteachers, Nursery Managers

Course Content

The course is a mixture of multiple brand new strategies, mixed in with some old classic early years activities that have been revamped and modernised.

As an example of a classic activity,  I take a look at story stones – how to make them, and many games you can play with them. However, I then go further, and look at many variations of story stones, and ways of using related original resources to stimulate structured storytelling, mark-making and communication in different ways.

Other strategies involved in the course include:

Story sticks – what they are, and multiple ways to use them

At least ten loose parts play storytelling ideas

Multiple small world play storytelling ideas

Literacy ideas using puppets

Story dice – how to make them and how to use them

Story poles (what they are and the different ways you can make and use them)

Many ways of creating and using story spoons

Child-led storytelling activities


What You Get


2 hours of intensive video footage


Clear demonstrations of how to create multiple simple resources


Demonstrations of strategies and activities


Step by step guide to success


Multiple top tips for implementing successfully

I sent three members of staff on the Storytellers course and they loved it! They said it was the best course they’d ever been on because the course leader didn’t spend his time reading off a powerpoint, he made it interactive and fun. I eagerly await the next course we can attend!” 

Isabel Finch

Manager - Summerhill Day Nursery, Birkenhead

Excellent examples of how to bring stories to life for children and get them involved. Excellent! Thank you for great inspiration. 

Lindsay Scott

EYP, Little Acorns Preschool

It was extremely beneficial and useful learning new strategies for storytelling. Thank you so much for this training. It was really interesting and useful! 

Rachael Mallon

EYFS Manager, Honey Pot Nursery Garston

Great practical activities. Excellent easy ideas which can be created with resources already available in your setting. 

Pam Taylor

Deputy Manager, Rossall Nursery

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I live outside of the UK. Is this course relevant to me?

Yes, these strategies will work anywhere and are not based on national policies or documents.